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So the goal have been reached, YEAY!!!!!

You can still can donate here if you want the exclusive content of this fundin»

This is good because I will have my pc, plus im looking to get optic fiver to have better internet, when all of this is togheter I probably will do streams.

Anyway, a little thing (problem?) to get out the money I need to add some info from paypal that I dont remeber where to get, you know, the basic, like account number (this is not the ID account for what I know), number routing (aba) etc. Someone know where to get it? Beside that, nothing more.

Thanks for the people that donate here to make it posible.

So I found another way to make a funding. Indiegogo is an international funding that actually work on my country and use paypal, yeay!!!!!

You can found the campaing here»

So how you can help? As little as a dolar can help, also tell yout friends and anyone else that is into comics and anthros.

The funding finish December 5, having 2 months to get my goal, that doesnt seem so unrealistic and isnt such a big number

So if you donate what will you get? Well, there will be a chapter of what happend to Addac after been kicked out of his home, the chapter will be to 12 to 15 pages longs, plus 6 wallpapers, ref of characters and any other material you may want. Donors will be able to see the WIPs and read the comic before anyone else as this one wont be immediatly for the general public.

Risk? Yeah, there are risks, If I dont reach my goal by at least an 88% there wont be the spin off or wallpapers. IF we get the goal is very likely that there will be a hiatus on the main comic of Eorah, but It wont stop me from going back to it.

Any doubt you have, just ask me.

Here is the comic of this week, read it here»

Well, seem like Xianes plans havent worked as she spected them to be… 

Speaking of plans that dont go well, thats exactly what happend to me. GoFundMe nor Kickstarted work on my country, so the posibility of a funding seem like its not a posibility, unless you know how to make if work, i plain and simple cant figure it out.

Another bad new (sorta good?) is that Eorah will be on a hiatus til november. Why? Because thanks to some people I have a lot of commissions (still not enough for my goal, but its a first step) so because of that I will focus on the commission more than the comic, because if not, I wont be capable of do them both.

About my pc, I dunno, maybe a donation button on paypal (dont know the sistem) If there is any sugestion, tell me, for the moment, enjoy the page.



All India Bakchod - “It’s Your Fault”  (Trigger warning)

Fucking brilliant video parodying rape culture in India (and honestly most of the world). Best satire I’ve seen in a long time. 

sassy fierce and fucking on point

The leven of sarcasm on this video is overwhelming and very good way to point the ridiculous argument that go arround to defend rape culture.

(Source: raze-spookem)

So here is the thing, in the resent time, I had some problems with my PC, it is really old now, (4-5 years) and Im saving for a new and bigger one, more capable of hold art programs like photoshop and other things.

Im not so far of such goal, half way actually, need another 1000-1200 dollars more to cover the cost of the new pc, a new tablet and photoshop. 

The problems is thats it seem like I wont be capable of make the money soon enough (the idea is to have it more or less at the beggining of new year) because I dont know for how long THIS PC will hold.

I have some commissions coming soon, but they by themselves arent enogh. I could change the prices of my commission, but would have to rise to much the price to get my goal.

So here is the thing:
-What do I do to get my goal of 1000-1200 dollar?
-Is there a sistem I could use (kickstarter, patreo, any sugestions?)
-What could I offer for you in exchange (its not fair to just ask money without something in exchange at all)

Im open to suggestion of various things (I have some ideas of my own, like maybe some sidecomic?)

So comment here please. I admit that im not all that confortable asking for something like money, but this is more to see the options availables for me.

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